Tying the knot? You don’t have to be constricted between four walls to talk things through …

The Walk and Talk  

S0, you’re doing what it takes to make your wedding rock. You’re brimming with creative ideas, yet coming up against pesky industry rules and conventions that are threatening to limit your personal style. The thought of sitting down to yet another wedding planning meeting with a ‘professional’ gives you the heebie-jeebies.

You’re into having fun at your wedding. Yet there’s all these fun-killers in the way. Does it have to be so hard? Nopety, nope, nope, no. The industry doesn’t have to swallow you, and the expression of your love, of yourselves.

Outside the box

I was a professional photographer well before coming to weddings, and as much as I love this work, I’m as allergic to industry rules as you are. I have found ways so the ‘industry-think’ doesn’t swallow my creativity whole. Rocking up to weddings is a great adventure. A privilege and I want our connection, and the resulting imagery, to be as true to who we are as it can be. So my thing is finding ways to meet and work as people who aren’t afraid to not just think but live outside the box. The first trick is to meet outside the box.

That brilliant moment.. Villa Botanica Wedding

Wild and urban meeting places

When I’m meeting up with you for the first time, it’ll most likely be at either one of the wild places on the NSW South Coast or Southern Highlands or one of the cool urban sites in our cities and towns. Occasionally, it’s some far-flung destination a plane trip away. It’s pretty much up to you. More than likely it will be the actual place you’ll be tying the knot or a place you’re considering. It’s a place rich with possibilities, somewhere ripe for exploration. And it’s here where we’ll be walking and talking.

One of the many beautiful sites one sees on a walk and talk with Mark Nolan from Two Creeks Wedding Phtogoraphy

What’s this walk and talk you speak of?

It’s a simple process. No stifling formal meetings are involved. We go outside. We get our legs moving while we start a conversation – which helps our ideas flow. It’s about feeling relaxed while we talk about your wedding, and what’s important to you and your partner, all while exploring a place – your place. It helps us get to know each other and gives us a taste of how we’d work together.

The stark beauty of the Southern Highlands scene is great for a country style wedding with a hint of Australian bush

In the moment

While I love a good plan, I dislike setting things in concrete – I’m not into highly-scheduled event plans, those with every moment itemised, leaving no room to be organic if needed. I like your images to reflect people doing what feels natural. Without a strict plan, the unexpected has the chance to make an impact on your images, taking them in fresh and new directions.

Reflective moment with yachts on the water before a storm

This doesn’t mean your awesome feast will go cold and that I’ll keep you away from you’re your friends and family that come from far off destinations – that’s completely your call, but it does mean that if you want to frolic with Unicorns or Reindeer unexpectedly passing buy, I’m up for it.

Nothing like the quiet of a bushland setting in Bilpin,in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia.

Some Places to Walk and Talk

… Just a few awesome venues like Mali Brae Farm, Bendooley Estate, Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat or GrowWild in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Bilpin Resort in the Blue Mountains as well as quite a few private beachfront and farm properties on the NSW South Coast. It could be an urban environment for a wedding in Canberra or Sydney or a destination wedding in Robe, South Australia or Maui, Hawaii.

No matter whether its a local or destination wedding, rural or urban, coastal or inland, I’m all for walking and talking with couples …. to start the conversation, feel free to contact me ….

Just a peak of sunlight makes this moment in Robe, South Australia special.