a family stands on a hill as the sun sets in Jamberoo


The story behind Two Creeks Wedding Photography

I shoot weddings in the Southern Highlands and South Coast (well, I do weddings anywhere really…). I was born with a camera in my hand … no wait, that’s been done … I am a multi-award winning, professional wedding photographer with a gazillion years of experience… Ah, nope, that’s old as well…

A family of four stand at the top of a hill at sunset


Two becoming one, for the better – it’s a metaphor for the life Caralyn and I share; and hopefully, it will be a metaphor for your journey – starting with your wedding day.

Your wedding day is just that – yours – and I want to showcase what sets you apart, with all your quirks, oddball moments, beauty and charm on display, in the most honest and creative way possible.

What I'd love to do for you

It’s your wedding day and I truly believe that it’s the people – your tribe – that are the most important detail. I shoot a couples personality, not a rigid format for everyone. I’m more than happy to take the lead from spirited personalities who aren’t afraid to be themselves, or to guide those who feel a little less confident.

Fun-loving. Wild hearts. Your Tribe. Great vibes. Real moments. No bull.

I'm here to sweat the small stuff, so you don't have to.

Apart from the love of capturing a creative image, I want to use my genuine personality and work ethic to pull it all together to make the process easy for you.

About Two Creeks Photography

This is me

The best things in my life aren’t things… They’re my lovely lady and our boys and I enjoy the simple things, the small moments we regularly forget or overlook.

I love riding mountain bikes, in remote areas – nowhere is my favourite place.

I can resist everything except chocolate… and, I have a love affair with just about anything from a bakery.

Despite the craze, I don’t drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, and I don’t smoke (does this make me un-Australian?).

I’m a dog person. We had a cat once and it was awesome – it was just like a dog.

I have an eclectic taste in music.

I have never used the word ‘juxtaposition’… oops.

I take my fun seriously … huh?

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat Wedding on the South Coast

Where I work

I get excited by new places and the possibilities they present. It drives me to be creative. I’ll shoot at any destination from the wild to the intimate... the NSW South Coast, Southern Highlands, Canberra, Sydney, interstate or even international destination weddings. Let me know where it's at and we’ll figure it out together.

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