The most beautiful things in life are not things, they’re people, experiences, memories, feelings, moments, smiles and laughter.

There are moments on your wedding day that shouldn’t be about the clothes, the shoes, the bling. That may be a dangerous thing to say to a bride but stay with me… The most important moments should be about sharing one of the biggest events in your life with those that matter most. My inspiration comes from people connecting – your people. These connections can create the most powerful and meaningful memories.

I’m interested in keeping the focus on the people and relationships that surround you on the day. Sure, I’ll photograph the details, too. You worked hard on them.

But in 20 years when the details are outdated, you’re probably going to want to remember the crazy dance floor shenanigans way more than you’ll care about what the table centrepieces looked like. That’s why I have a people-first approach to wedding photography. People, relationships and in-between moments first. Details second.

Some brides and grooms overlook these moments, and later have regrets – I know this for a fact, I am one of them! I don’t have a single image with just my father and me from our wedding day. It may not seem important today, or even in 5 years time – it’s over the longer distance when these become so much more historic rather than ‘snapshots’.

Making room for raw emotion

I’m a believer in leaving some time throughout your wedding day to simply let events unfold naturally, at their own pace.

One of these times should be just after the ‘I do’s – it’s a special time, when people are allowed just to do and be themselves, good things tend to happen. Like a sort of spontaneous happiness rush, a release. All the hard work has been done, it’s a time for expressions of love and raw emotion.

Best left unscripted

Often this emotional moment is overlooked as people feel the need to move things along. Your guests won’t get bored if every moment of the day isn’t planned.

As a couple who are about to tie-the-knot, consider leaving some time to absorb this rush. The beauty of this part of your celebration is best if left unscripted.

Plan this free time into your day because it allows people to share in your joy naturally – it will most likely generate the images you love the most. Images filled with raw emotion.

After the formalities

Think of it this way. The formal part of the day is over, and it will have been beautiful. All that planning, the tension – You did it! Now you can relax and celebrate together. You can gather with your family and friends, giving them time to congratulate you. You can drift around, hugging the hell out of whoever you want, or you can hang back and have a laugh. ‘Me, married? Surely not!’ This time is yours. Embrace it!

The depth of love

It’s during this time that the depth of love everyone is experiencing becomes visible. Your love for each other, the love of friends and family. There may be an outpouring of emotion, or there may be subtle gestures, connections, a few quiet tears, a high five, a hug (I love hugs). For me, there’s nothing like images of the groom with his dad at such an emotional and powerful time. All these things reveal the intimacy, fun, and joy that happens between connected people on your wedding day.

Because we’re recording the moments honestly and openly, we get the most meaningful images. Don’t get me wrong; there are loads of awesome imagery opportunities throughout your day that can be scripted if needed – it’s just these moments tug at me the most.

All you need is to give yourself some time, up to 20 minutes after the vows will do, to spend time with your family and friends… In all of this, that’s the most important thing.

So, if you’re getting married on the South Coast, Southern Highlands or anywhere for that matter, and you’re looking for a photographer,  I’d love to hear your story and help you capture the raw honesty on your wedding day, let’s meet.