Been thinking about grooms lately, like the great possibilities opening up for them in today’s modern weddings.

The old groom-in-a-box

Take the old tradition, the way the wedding was all about the bride, it could make the groom feel cast in shadow at his own gig. I mean, convention says there’s no ‘here comes the groom’ playing on his arrival and his mum doesn’t give him away. The old-school wedding is built around the bride. Of course, it’s still a bride’s big day, and I respect that. I’m just trying to make sure grooms don’t fade into the background.

Grooms can cut loose

Today’s weddings are often about releasing a groom from his former boxed-in role. As a groom, you’re no longer expected to sit locked away in some back room before the ceremony, slowly and self-consciously getting dressed, feeling your nerves fray.

Grooms today have a new freedom, and some of mine have gone surfing with mates, played golf, gone swimming and go-carting before his South Coast wedding. I asked this guy what his plans were for the morning and he replied: “I don’t need to remember how I got dressed on the day of my wedding!” And fair enough too. We have great shots of him tearing around to prove that!

Groom catching Frisbee on the beach the morning of his wedding

Strip back the tension

If you’re up for it, even if you tend towards shy, let’s do something different for both your spirit and the camera. That way you can expend some nervous energy, and be remembered as an active player. Think about taking a break from the clichés and do what you want to do; do something that’s meaningful and fun. There are plenty of options. Just don’t get into trouble, for not taking those set pieces to the reception, and start off on the wrong foot with your wife-to-be.

I like to help you find ways to strip back all the tensions of the day and be yourself. I like to shoot you in ways that are about your personality, rather than get someone masked by the formal occasion.

When I meet you as a couple soon-to-be-wed, we do a ‘walk and talk‘, preferably at the location where you’ll be married. Great ideas often flow from that. It’s when you might work out the exact thing you want to do on the wedding day.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer interested in getting your personalities in images as a couple, and I mean personalities as both bride and groom, contact me.